Small and Compact Countertop Microwave Ovens

Sharp Half Pint Microwave oven

Sharp half pint microwave oven
The Sharp Half Pint Microwave Oven R120PK is a compact microwave that is especially useful for people traveling or anybody without sufficient room for large kitchen appliances.

The product is extremely popular with truckers for example as they can easily fit the microwave into their cab and use it on long journeys across vast distances so they will never be hungry.
Sharp Half Pint Microwave Oven is not so small that it cannot be used with certain food items, it functions just as any other microwave oven and can give you your favorite foods in an instant. The product is built with durable, lightweight but quality materials that make it even more appealing for use in a non traditional place to use a microwave.

Many people who have bought this product in the past are all amazed by how long the microwave lasts, people have said that the microwave is still going strong after 10 years of regular use and the quality has never decayed.

Details –

14-3/8” x 14-1/4” in size which is amazing when compared to other microwave ovens

0.5 cu.ft/600 watts

8 automatic settings

120v AC power

The Sharp Half Pint Microwave Oven looks and feels like some kind of futuristic computer which is great for disguising it at work or simply keeping it out of sight to free up space if you have a small apartment. The microwave is powered at 600 watts which is not as much as huge, regular microwaves but the slight lack of power is not an issue at all. If anything the lack of power gives you an excuse to buy this as a second microwave for smaller tasks such as making popcorn and heating up some leftovers.

Sharp Half Pint Microwave oven is an excellent option for a small microwave because of its extremely compact size and usefulness. Truckers and travelers will find this as a great purchase and not to mention the many years of use without fail that is almost guaranteed with this microwave oven.