Small and Compact Countertop Microwave Ovens

Where Can You Use a Mini Microwave Oven?

When you think about the different tools that you use in the kitchen, what are some that come to your mind? Most people are likely to think about the larger items, such as the oven and stove top. They may also give some consideration to the handheld tools that they use, regardless of whether it is a wooden spoon or a rolling pin. If you really take a look at the kitchen, however, you will notice that there is an item that is available in almost every home. I’m talking about the microwave, and it is a tool that is one of the more convenient we could possibly own.

Microwaves come in all different shapes and sizes but sometimes, it is a good idea to look for a small microwave oven that will fit into the available area. Although it may be convenient to have a large microwave, most of us don’t use them to the full. After all, when was the last time you cooked an entire turkey in the microwave or used up all of the available space on the inside? In most cases, we could actually downsize to a miniature microwave oven and still be perfectly happy with the choice. In fact, you may find that it is the best decision you ever made.

When most people think about a mini microwave oven, they think about something that is lacking in power or options. Nothing could be further from the truth. When you choose a quality miniature microwave oven, you will find that it is capable of doing everything that a larger unit can do. It is also going to be a much more convenient choice because it will fit into an area that is smaller, which is something that is becoming increasingly popular.

If you stop for a moment and think about the benefits of using a miniature microwave oven, you may just wonder why you continue to buy the larger units. Even a large home with ample counter space could benefit from a smaller version, because it really is going to provide you with all of the cooking options that you need on a day-to-day basis.

A small microwave oven is going to have a smaller footprint and that benefits those who have a small kitchen. In addition, it can be beneficial for those who travel on a regular basis and want to take some of the comforts of home along with them. College students can also benefit from a dorm room microwave and they may find that they are using it for almost every meal. After all, you can often microwave a meal for much less than you would pay at a restaurant.

For now, let’s take a look at some of the specifics of where a mini microwave oven could work. Regardless of whether you are using one when traveling, at home or if you are away at college, you will find that there is an option available for you. Additionally, there is one option we will discuss that you may never have thought possible but once you know the convenience, you may never be without it.

The Ultimate Travel Kitchen Tool

Do you enjoy traveling? Most people find it to be quite relaxing to get on the road and to see the world around them on their own terms. Of course, people travel in different ways but some of the more popular include traveling with a camper or in an RV, driving cross-country or going to a nearby travel destination and staying in a hotel room.

Regardless of the way you tend to travel, there are going to be options available when it comes to a miniature microwave. The first thing that you need to think about, however, is the size that is going to be right for you. More than likely, you are wondering how you would cook anything of substance in a small microwave oven. The fact of the matter is, however, microwaves that are classified as miniature are still large enough on the inside to hold a standard dinner plate. You could easily warm-up your food or even cook some food from vegetables you bought on the road and have it ready in no time at all.

Many people who travel with a microwave don’t necessarily have it permanently installed in their camper or RV. Other people may travel with a car and want the convenience of having their own microwave at the hotel room. If that is the case, make sure that you buy something that is easy to pack and manage while you are traveling. Packing the microwave also helps to limit any questions that may occur when you are carrying it into the hotel room.

If you are interested in having a permanent small microwave oven installed in your camper or RV, there certainly are options available. A very small microwave could easily fit on the countertop or could be installed under the cabinets to give you easy access. Just make sure that the microwave is properly secured so that it doesn’t get damaged while you are traveling.

When You Need More Space at Home

There has been a trend toward smaller homes in recent years. Many people have been living in smaller homes for quite some time and they may laugh to themselves when they see these “micro-homes” that are all the rage. For those of us who have lived in apartments or may have lived with a limited amount of space in our home, we can see the need to downsize some of the major appliances.

If you are somebody that would like to downsize, it can truly provide you with multiple benefits when it comes to using the microwave at home. A mini microwave oven will have a much smaller footprint than a larger unit, so you can often fit it in an out-of-the-way corner without giving up an excessive amount of counter space.

You might also find that it is quite convenient to have a dorm size microwave in a small apartment or home as well. Most of us don’t tend to use the microwave for more than reheating food or perhaps popping an occasional bag of popcorn. If that is the case, why would you clutter up the countertop or have a large item installed under the cabinets that is really not necessary? As long as you have the convenience of the microwave at your fingertips, you can enjoy some home-cooked meals and warm leftover food anytime you want it.

There is also a concern about clutter in many homes, regardless of whether they are large or small. We tend to accumulate more items than we have room for and this can cause more than a lack of space, it can cause a lot of stress. When you are able to downsize, regardless whether you are downsizing your home or downsizing to a small microwave oven, it can help you to be more comfortable in the area where you live. Life is too short to stress over clutter. A miniature microwave up can be a large step to avoiding it.

Enjoy the Comforts of Home in Your Dorm Room

When you are away at college, you often try to exert your independence and to enjoy the fact that you get to spread your wings, so to speak. For those of us who have spent any amount of time away from home at college, however, we realize exactly how difficult it can be. Most college students tend to experience at least a small amount of homesickness but having some of the comforts from home with you can go a long way in helping you to be comfortable in your new environment.

One of the many options that are available for bringing home to the dorm is to have a dorm size microwave. This is an option that should really not be understated for multiple reasons. Aside from the fact that you have a little bit of home with you, you also have the convenience of cooking your own food and that is something you are certain to appreciate. After all, most college students tend to be on a rather tight budget and they don’t necessarily have the time to look for other meal options. Being able to nuke something quickly in your own dorm room microwave is going to be a convenience that you will remember for a very long time.

Equip Your Car with a Microwave Oven

When most people think about a mini microwave oven, they think about having one for travel purposes or because they want to downsize the appliances at their home. In reality, there is somewhere else that you could use a very small microwave and you might be surprised with the convenience that it provides. In fact, once you try it for yourself, you may find that you are never without this convenience ever again.

I’m talking about having a very small microwave that is suitable for use in the car. These are a specific type of miniature microwave that can easily be taken on the go and they are both compact and use a very small amount of power. In fact, they often contain an option for plugging them directly into the 12 V system of the car. Most of them also have a converter so that you can use them at home, in your camper or even in a hotel room.

When it comes to using the microwave in the car, you probably are not going to be cooking any elaborate meals. What you can do, however, is reheat some food from the day before and have a nice, hot meal rather than eating a cold sandwich day after day. It is the ideal option for those who tend to travel a lot in their car but it is also a perfect option for workers who tend to spend a lot of their time in the automobile as well.

If you are a worker who uses a mini microwave in the car, you will find that it becomes an item that you would never do without. In addition, you may also find that you are using it on a regular basis for yourself and for others who may be nearby as well. One word of caution for those who do use a miniature microwave in the car and that is the fact that it can use enough power that would drain your battery. It is always a good idea to have the car running while you microwave anything so that the battery doesn’t take a hit.

Today, there are miniature microwave ovens available for almost any need. You can choose one according to the size for the space you have available but you may also want to consider some of the many options that are available as well. Those options may include the wattage of the oven or perhaps some of the additional conveniences, such as automatically being able to cook a potato or pop a bag of popcorn. Those additional options are going to be used more frequently than you might think, especially as you become more accustomed to using the small microwave for your needs.

Once you downsize the size of your microwave, regardless of why you decide to do it, you will find that it is one of the best options you could have ever chosen. As you look down through the various microwaves listed on this page, you are sure to find one that is going to work well for you and your family.