Small and Compact Countertop Microwave Ovens

Nostalgia Electrics 0.9 cu ft Mini Microwave

Nostalgia Electrics 0.9 cu ft mini microwaveThe Nostalgia Electrics RMO-400 Retro Series 0.9 CU FT Microwave Oven is a classic, retro styled microwave that will look great in your kitchen as well as performing great in your kitchen.

At 0.9 CF the microwave has the potential to be a great product for travellers or people with a small kitchen.

Product Details –

Amazing retro design with chrome accents

Digital clock with LED display

12 auto cook settings for a great variety of different foods

0.9 cubic foot capacity

Oval shaped window that looks better than the traditional rectangular window

The 12 different auto cook settings are a fantastic feature for people who are confused with the complicated power and timing settings required for each type of food. Different types of food will have their own time and power level that will cook perfect food. An example of the auto cook setting is if you want to warm a drink up, like tea or coffee, you simply need to press the option for drinks and the microwave will set the exact time and power level to heat it to a perfect temperature.

The Retro design is a great benefit to this microwave oven as retro is very much popular and stylish. Even if you have a modern kitchen and home the microwave is sure to fit in perfectly and still look great with its carefully chromed design. The product may look retro but it performs like any other modern microwave with 800 watts of power working behind that beautiful child safe door.

The Nostalgia Electrics RMO-400RED Retro Series .9 CF Microwave Oven is a good looking, retro powerhouse of a modern microwave. It looks and feels like a piece of perfectly crafted machinery and performs like a perfectly crafted machine. It has all the settings and features you could ever need in a microwave oven and is a great choice of microwave for anybody who wants the job done right.